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4.7" Round Concrete Portable Table Top Fire Bowl

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  • [INDOOR & OUTDOOR READY: SMOKE, SCENT & CARBON MONOXIDE FREE] – Burns without emitting carbon monoxide, soot, smoke, or odors. Great as a main dining table centerpiece, living room side table décor piece, apartment balcony or a patio table focal point.
  • [SMORE TIME: SAFE TO COOK OVER] – Just like a full-sized fire, enjoy smores with all the fixings. Great for fondue. Constructed from high-quality micro cement indistinguishable from natural stone.
  • [MULTI-FUEL COMPATIBLE, FUEL CAN OPENER INCLUDED] – Compatible with liquid bioethanol, Isopropyl, rubbing, spirit and gel fuel cans. When using liquid fuels, we recommend using only 70%, 91% or greater liquid isopropyl or bioethanol alcohol as fuel. Compatible with 3.5” wide gel fuel cans. Includes fuel can opener to easily and safely open fuel cans.
  • [LONG RUN TIME] – Over 1-Hour runtime compared with 30–40-minute runtime for similar sized tabletop fire bowls. Get an even longer runtime when using the included optional wick sponge that prevents fuel evaporation and allows for more efficient fuel delivery. Burns clean without any dirty ashes to clean up once extinguished. Get the ambiance of a wood fire without the cleanup!
  • [SAFETY FIRST: BACKUP LINER, GLASS SHIELD & EXTINGUISHER INCLUDED] – Includes an optional safety glass shield for an added layer of safety. Helps prevent children and pets from getting fingers and paws in harm’s way. Safety liner prevents fuel leakage from main chamber in the unlikely event of a fuel leak. Once the party’s over, extinguish the fire in seconds with the included extinguisher.
  • User Manual: KMF0354U, KMF0355U, KMF0356UKMF0357U