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Picking the Perfect Trash Can

Picking the Perfect Trash Can

Let's be honest, trash cans aren't the most glamorous topic. But hey, they're an essential part of our eco-friendly mission! Here at Home Zone Living, we're passionate about turning trash duty into a triumph. So, ditch the bin blues and find your perfect trash can!

Material Match-Up:

  • Plastic: These affordable buddies are lightweight and colorful, making them ideal for bathrooms or smaller spaces. Just remember, they might not be the strongest for heavyweights.
  • Stainless Steel: These sleek and sturdy superstars are perfect for kitchens. They wipe clean easily and resist rust, keeping things squeaky clean. Heads up, though, they can be a bit pricey than plastic bins. This reduces waste from constantly replacing flimsy options. Be kind to the planet, one sturdy bin at a time!


  • Open Air: The most affordable option, these bins are great for quick tosses. However, they lack odor control and can attract uninvited guests.
  • Lid Lifesavers: For odor control and critter-free zones, covered bins are your go-to. Swing lids are convenient, while touchless options offer a hygienic solution, perfect for busy kitchens

Gallon Size: 

  • Match the bin to your needs! Smaller bins (think 1-3 gallons) are perfect for bathrooms or desktops. Kitchens can rock 5-8 gallons, while large families or busy offices might need the 13-gallon.


  • Sorting recyclables is key! Multi-compartment bins streamline this process, keeping trash and recyclables separate. Be a recycling hero, one toss at a time!

By considering these factors, you'll be well on your way to finding your recycling soulmate! Remember, we at Home Zone Living offer a wide variety of bins to suit every need and budget. So browse our collection and find your waste management partner!

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