13 Gallon / 45 Liter Kitchen Trash Can, Stainless Steel Swing Top Bin

  • COMMERCIAL TRASH BIN – The 13 gallon / 45 liter round trash bin is perfect for just about any commercial-style environment. Whether it is for a restaurant, business unit, office, coffee shop, café, or co-working space. The round shape allows to be positioned in many different areas throughout a room.
  • BALANCED SWING TOP LID – To ensure the lid closes on the right side every time, there is a small weight located in the center of the bottom of the lid. So anytime you need to throw rubbish away, simply tap down on the lid and then gravity will take care of the rest.
  • LINER-FREE – Our commercial trash bin features a liner-free design. Meaning there is not plastic inner bucket where the trash bag will go in. This gives you more room to throw away extra rubbish.
  • FINGERPRINT PROOF – We get it, accidents can happen. Whether it’s hands touching the lid or the dog attempting to discover what’s inside the trash bin that smells so good. Our trash can resists smudges to keep the bin looking nice and shiny.
  • DIMENSIONS – With lid open: (L) 14.00” x (W) 14.00” x (H) 30.50” | With lid closed: (L) 14.00” x (W) 14.00” x (H) 25.50”

Affordable commercial use trash can with balanced swing top lid.


  • Round design that can be placed in many locations throughout the office, restaurant, café, or business unit.
  • Balanced swing top to ensure that the lid closes the right way every time
  • Liner-free design to give you more room to throw trash away.
  • Perfect gift for Weddings, first time home buyers or other special holidays.

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  • 45 liter (13 gallon) round stainless steel trash can
  • swing top lid
  • user manual
  • With lid open: (L) 14.00” x (W) 14.00” x (H) 30.50”
  • With lid closed: (L) 14.00” x (W) 14.00” x (H) 25.50”