12 Gallon / 45 Liter Kitchen Trash Can, Stainless Steel Rectangular Pedal Bin (Black)

  • EASY BAG REMOVAL / INSTALLATION – No more hassling with removing and securing a new trash bag without it falling inside the trash can. The included bag tuck band and removable liner makes bag removal and installation a breeze. Simply tuck-in the excess slack of a new trash bag under the bag tuck band located on the back of the liner. For removal, you can either remove just the bag, or take the liner out as well.
  • SILENT CLOSE LID – Your trash can should operate like the rest of your home: as smooth and efficient as possible. After all, no one wants to own a loud and noisy trash can. A new reinforced hinge mechanism was designed to make the lid open and close as quiet as possible, while maintaining ultimate durability for long-term usage.
  • STAY-OPEN LID – Need to toss away more than a handful of rubbish? That task is made simple with the stay open lid. Simply open the lid as normal, remove your foot from the steel pedal, and tap the lid back to keep it open for multiple uses. When you’re finished, just gently tap the lid back down and the silent hinge will take care of the rest.
  • FINGERPRINT PROOF – We get it, accidents can happen. Whether it’s hands touching the lid or the dog attempting to discover what’s inside the trash bin that smells so good. Our trash can resists smudges to keep the bin looking nice and shiny.
  • DIMENSIONS – With lid open: (L) 18.31” x (W) 9.75” x (H) 42.75” | With lid closed: (L) 18.31” x (W) 9.75” x (H) 25.56”

Affordable Trash Bin without Sacrificing Quality


  • Rectangular design that can be placed in many locations throughout the home: including the kitchen, living room, office, or family room.
  • Removable plastic liner that also includes a bag tuck band. This is designed to make changing in and out the make much easier than most other kitchen trash bins.
  • A strong steel pedal that can withstand years of usage.
  • Perfect gift for Weddings, first time home buyers or other special holidays.

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  • 45 liter (12 gallon) rectangular stainless steel kitchen trash bin
  • user manual

    With lid open: (L) 18.31” x (W) 9.75” x (H) 42.75”

    With lid closed: (L) 18.31” x (W) 9.75” x (H) 25.56”